Pi/Hivetool not powering up when connecting to solar

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Pi/Hivetool not powering up when connecting to solar


my Hivetool v0.7.1 (2x temperhums, load cells, WLAN) works fine with USB power adapter, but when I try to power it from my solar
power charget output (battery half charged) the box does not start up so that WLAN would be starting up, the raspberry leds are blinking
both red and green (the amperage varies between 0.03-0.07A when trying to start with this solar).

The voltage to the Hive Interface board connectors is 12.3V and 5.0 at the Hx711 and interface board + pins. (I adjusted the voltage on
the board to between 5.0-5.1 prior connectin with HX711.

Any suggestion what to check ?

Hivetool not powering, Hivetool versions

Logical debugging might include determination if Pi has beeted by connecting an HDMI display. From there further debugging can be done on the WiFi connection. Red and green blinking usually indicates a operating Pi. Version 0.7.1 is very old, If you are set on hivetool then i would recommend version 0.7.4 to be released any day. Better yet perform a clean install of Raspian Jessie https://downloads.raspberrypi.org/raspbian_latest
Then install HiveControl https://github.com/rcrum003/HiveControl
Ryan has assumed development of the user interface so expect a unified version and image in the not too distant future.

Adrian Ogden

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strange, must be something to

strange, must be something to do with sun spots... last night when trying this in my garage it did not start up with solar system at all (no sun but battery half full) and now when finally got the HDMI display connected and having the solar panel in sunlight everything seems to work fine even with more USB connected and HDMI display attached ... :)

Thanks - I will update to latest version, for Hivetool is the 0.7.4 promised any day yet ?

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Voltage Reading

Esa, in the first post about this, you first mention that the battery is only half charged, then later state that the battery voltage is 12.3V

I'm curious was the battery voltage 12.3 V at the time of your failure, or was it actually lower (at half charge like you say)?

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yes the voltage reading at

yes the voltage reading at the interface board input (blue connector) was 12.3V and on the 5.0V on the H1 "+5V" point.

The solar charge controller did show the battery charge level, on its led display indicating half charged :)

Now when I measured the voltages the input is 14V and 5.02V on the "+5V" point.

Hope me more clear now...

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