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Bluetooth Scale

How about a Bluetooth scale? supposed to be available in June for $150

He says he thinks the BLE should be readable by a Raspberry PI and has the publishing information here
No one else has tested it yet though

Bluetooth Sensors - tech dev plan - July 2016 update

We are looking seriously at designing a Bluetooth scale.
A Bluetooth scale is a good match when monitoring multiple hives which report back to a gateway which could be a Pi3 now with BLE which stores data locally and may house a web server and relays data to the web. This is esentially what has been referred to as a "yard controller" architecture. We believe we can reduce the cost and ccomplexity using this model.
There are now an array of capable low energy devices (BLE) which allow long term compact battery powered operation. I feel It's our position to continue to support high resolution weight and high data density which adds to the challenge. There are a couple devices we are sampling; Nordic NRF52 and Cypress, PSoC 4XX8 BLE 4.2
These devices also support capacitive proximity sensing which may have a place in non contact entrance bee activity monitoring, more on that later.
I'm interested in corroborating with anyone with interest an or knowledge in the area of iOT, BLE or similar devices.
Hivetool Sensor Lab

Adrian Ogden

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Bluetooth Sensors: My update


I totally agree with this direction. Aside from the load cells themselves being very reasonable priced... The current load cell design has a couple major drawbacks,
Lead Time is often very long
A custom interface board is required these are difficult to build/maintain
Currently only one weight per raspberry pi is possible - this is a relatively overpowered architecture as a single raspberry PI is capable of so many more than a single Weight input.

I find that I constantly watch the weight and current weather feeds... not so much the internal temperature and humidity, so prioritizing on BLE weight is probably a great first step.

I think the internal Temp/humidity probably play more into an advanced trending/notification system than we currently have available, so there's value there, but it's a lower value than weight (for me)

The broodminder temp/humidity/weight that I ordered are in final assembly/calibration and should be shipping to me this month - I'm going to see if I can send them to Ryan for a while to have him build a broodminder option into the hivetool interface.

That's about all for now, As I'm sure is the case with everyone... I'm pretty busy this month just managing my colonies... I just wish I had 11 more hivetools with sensors installed out in the apiary. Hopefully next year I can install a yard controller and a bunch of weight BLE sensors!!

I'm guessing you're looking for help with programming with iot and BLE - that's not my area.

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