System battery column on data

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System battery column on data

At the end of the data table on a yellow column titled system and battery pops up. All rows on the column show 0.00 V. What is this referencing? Is this with the hive scale or the weather data? My hive scale is plugged into an extension cord with a phone charger.

The lights on the pi are on.

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Voltage reading

I don't use it, but here's my guess.

The Control board had a D-Sun power supply that you could hook up to a 12 V Battery... usefull for solar deployments. I'd bet that we're monitoring the boards input voltage so you can get an idea if you're solar system's maintaining a good charge.

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Battery monitoring

Yes, Nate is correct. Channel B on the HX711 is connected to the 12 VDC input on the hive interface board. I haven't tried it, but if you don't use 12 volts and the D-Sun power supply.

Check out the hive wayah1. It is my first test location. It is solar and the panel/battery is also powering an electric fence charger (bears). I plan to upgrade Athens soon as it is also solar powered. Not graphed yet. The solar charge controller was broken. wayah1 went down Sunday. I wasn't able to get up there until yesterday and just connected the pane directly to the battery.

Hmm. So It shouldn't be displayed unless it is a solar system as 0 voltage confuses people. The Channel B input could be connected to the +5 supply if you wanted to monitor that, but probably not useful. I'll try jumpering it to +5 and see if that works.

I messed up the Last Reading line from the database. Got some of the values offset one column. I'll fix that tonight.

Battery reading

Ok, so it doesn't have an impact on my hive scale. It's just since that started showing up, I've been having trouble keeping my scale connected to wifi. Sounds like it's just a coincidence.

Battery Readings

I just got around to testing my interface boards. Should they be reading the battery voltage? I am running the system from a battery and I am using the on board D-Sun power supply board. I am only seeing 0’s in the database for voltage readings. Running version 0.7.3 rc 2. You mention that you are using channel B of the HX711, is this already wired in the interface board or do I need to do something?

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Battery Readings

Charles, did you get an answer? I have a solar set-up with 12v battery. Not sure where I have to hook things up to get it to read volts. Right now I have a solar charger controller that has a 5v USB that I am bringing into the pi's 5v port. Would be nice to see the voltage on mine, too.


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Battery readings

Sorry you can't read raspberry pi 5V input, there is no system for that. To read the battery voltage you have to use the 12V input which is connected to the HX711 who read the voltage on it's b port (port a is used for the load cells)

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