load cell orientation

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load cell orientation

Just want to be sure these load cells are turned the right way.

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Arrow is in direction of force

The arrow should be in the direction of applied force. So, in this case, if there are feet attached to the load cell and the picture is right side up (the hive will sit on top of the rails), then the load cell is upside down.

For a good article on how the parallel beam load cell work, check out this link:

Aluminum Load Cell Spacers

I use 3/32" or 1/8" thick, cut 1-3/16" X 1" from 1" or 1-1/4" wide bar stock. Most hardware stores sell it.
The important thing is to make sure it covers the entire metal surface of one end of the load cells.
Flat file after drilling to remove any burrs. Spacer positioning can have a big effect on load cell performance.

Adrian Ogden

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The frame assembly instructions on the wiki show a spacer between the load cell and the unistrut frame. The parts list doesn't show any spacers. Are they not needed? If they are needed where can I get them?

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