Load cell provider/vendor?

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Load cell provider/vendor?

I have been looking for 50 Kg load cells like the ones your using. In your parts list you mention they are around $4 each. I cant seem to find them any where near that price. Can you provide the retailer, manufacturer and part number?

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Load cell supplier

We order them customized for us. I don't mind telling you the manufacturer in China, the Guangdong South China Sea Electronic Measuring Technology Co., Ltd, but they don't like to deal with small orders. They are not set up to handle them. The original cost was $3.80 each. We had them change the mounting hole on one end from 2 M6 to one M8 for the foot (no charge) and change the cable length from 20 cm to 1 meter ($0.20 additional). On the last round, we lengthened the cable to 1.2 M (4 feet). Slight additional charge. Problem was with the shipping. They wanted $400 to ship 200 load cells (50 scales) to the US. I balked at that. Probably wasn't too bad (would raise the cost to $6 each), but $800 + $50 bank charges to do an international wire transfer was getting to the limit of my contribution to the project.

We found a vendor on Aliexpress who was selling load cells and was willing to play ball with us. They were able to have them shipped across China for $60 to the Aliexpress vendor. They are charging about $12 shipping plus a few dollars for their time. The problem is communications and they apparently are using other Aliexpress orders to ship our stuff. Confusing but from what I gather Aliexpress charges a fee but provides services to export the products. To save money our orders are shipped "piggy back" for lack of a better word on their Aliexpress orders. So, often there is a delay when she ships until there are other orders to the country we are trying to ship to.

I don't like that (sounds a little shady to me) but due to communication problems, it is hard to know exactly what is going on.

Originally, I thought shipping from China would be good and inexpensive but I now have second thoughts. Another problem we are having is with US customs. Orders seems to disappear when they get to the Beijing airport for up to 30 days. International orders actually go through faster than US orders.

The 4 load cells are also a "matched set". I am not sure exactly how the match them.

Another complication is the Hive Interface boards. We designed the boards as an interim solution to make it easier to assemble our systems. We use a board house in California. Very reasonable, less than $3 each per board and 7 day turnaround. Turns out they are made in Taiwan! So, I have been adding the parts and shipping them from the US. We are going to try to have the boards assembled in China. The board house cannot ship our boards from Taiwan to Beijing! They must come back to the US to be depanelized. So, these boards will travel from Taiwan to Chicago to Beijing to the end user. Whew!

We have had long delays in getting orders filled. I decided to stop taking orders and pulled the order form. I have turned it back on. it is the first link on this page:


But BEWARE! You may experience very long delivery times....

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Cable Length

I would actually like the cable length longer than we currently get.

I'd like to be able to position a raspberry PI camera in my enclosuer and mount the entire enclusure in front of the hive and use the camera to remotely monitor the hive.

I would like 3 meter cables on the load cells. that way I won't have to splice the supplied cables.

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