POE (Power Over Ethernet)

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POE (Power Over Ethernet)

A variant to AC Power - Power Over Ethernet is good up to 100 meters, and certainly many users out there use it to run a raspberry pi - Many injectors go for under $20.


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Two problems with POE

One problem with POE may be lightning, depending on location. There are lightning suppressors for both ends of the ethernet and one for the power supply, but they run the cost up.

Another problem is rodents. It seems you are better laying the cable on the ground and letting the grass grow over it than directly burying it a few inches. We've had two buried CAT5 installations hit by rodents. One in SC and one in CA.

At the bottom of this page are diagrams and parts list. We used the TP-Link TL-POE200

One more problem is you have to drill a hole in someone's house. And a minor issue is sometimes you have to cross a driveway.

But, I used Ethernet and an extension cord (on a GFI) for about 4 years. Thats when I was running a desktop motherboard under the hive. Only lost one NIC card. Much lower maintenance with WiFI/solar.

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Sensitive to lightning??

lightning protection - are the raspberry Pi's quite susceptible to lightning damage?

At only $40 bucks per Pi, spending too much on protection is perhaps a waste of time of you likely just need to pop the memory card into the new unit and you're back up and running.

I like putting outside cable inside of irrigation tubing or PEX... whatever's onsale, or on craigslist. you can bury it a couple inches and just about nothing bothers eating through that.

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Limits to poe

Wouldn't poe limit the use of perriferrals like USB cameras? Never used it so I don't have much knowledge of it.

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