RasPi goes inactive?

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RasPi goes inactive?

The last few days I've had trouble keeping my RasPi2 running! It has power running to it, that much is sure. The Pi will boot and I can access it via SSH but after 2-3 minutes it will time out and I can't reconnect. The red LED stays lit solid, but nothing else seems to happen with it. Cycling the power will successfully boot it again only for it to shut off again. Any ideas?

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Try to change power supply. Maybe it don't supply enough current. After boot up it enables the devices on the pi

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Check disk space and log files

Did you expand the image? Check disk space with the df command.
I had a Pi fill up the disk with log files. Same symptom.

If you didn't expand the image, run raspi-config from the command line.

Check some log files:
tail /var/log/messages or
tail -n 200 /var/log/messages to see more or
less /var/log/messages to page around the whole log

I guess it is a power draw

I guess it is a power draw issue with the USB ports? I disconnected the 2 temperhum's and left the Wi-Fi connected. It's been running the last 20 minutes. Plenty of disk space.

The 12-5V buck converter I'm using is rated for 3Amps, perhaps that's a bit of an overestimation. Will the adjustable power supply on the HAT supply more?

I think this problem began occurring after I moved all my hives to the area near the PiHive and blocked the signal somewhat. The wireless signal is definitely struggling, so perhaps the Wi-Fi dongle is drawing more power than it used to since some of the signal is being lost?

At any rate, I'll leave the scale hooked up for now with the Wi-Fi but leave the TEMPerHUM's off to see if it more stable.

Well, I lied. The Pi shutdown

Well, I lied. The Pi shutdown again after about 30 mins run time. I wonder if the switching device that controls the solar panel/battery plays a part in this.

Well it appears to be stable

Well it appears to be stable with the TEMPerHUM's removed for the last 3 hours. Must be power draw from the USB hub or something.

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power consumption

If it is power, I'm surprised that removing the TEMPerHUMs would help. I didn't think the TEMPerHUMs drew much power. I thought they went to sleep.

Weak WiFi signal increased power consumption for me. I figured the WiFi radio increases power under poor signal conditions and retries probably increase.

You still might want to check the logs and see if there are any clues there.

Yes. I've moved the wifi

Yes. I've moved the wifi dongle closer using my longest extension haha. I'll plug in the remaining TEMPerHUM tomorrow and see what goes on.

Well the Pi went inactive

Well the Pi went inactive again overnight. Maybe the battery isn't holding enough juice (it's 2 years old? and hasn't been regularly charged until now) so I will go measure the voltage before the sun comes up tomorrow!

Neat that I can see the hive weight increasing rapidly though. In the last 3 days the hive has gained around 6 pounds!

I've seen something similar

I've seen something similar during my tests. And indeed only when I connect the wifi dongle. It seems to be power indeed.

I've read something on the internet somewhere that the raspi X11 interface shows some kind of icon when the power is low. I was looking to see where they get that data but haven't found it until now. I guess it's a plus to be able to see that locally. Especially when working with solar.

Pi went offline overnight

Pi went offline overnight again, according to the status report on hivetool.org the last communication was at 04:00AM on 3/1, and the day previous to that the last communication was 2/29 04:00AM. I wonder if there is a pattern there?

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