Load Cell mount ideas??

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Load Cell mount ideas??

My dev kit should be arriving any day, so I now need to deal with mounting the load cells.

After looking at the wiki, for ideas - I have some questions

Primarily... are the load cells weatherproof?

There's the frameless design that is pretty well documented on the wiki, but it seems relatively permanently installed

There's the octanorm... it looks nice, but not much info on what's a partlist for this design?
In real life, how did this frame work out? Is it stable? can it just slip between the hive base and stand?
Do the load cells need weather shielding?

There is also a reference to a welded and a unistrut frame, but no pics or additional info - same general questions, and if anyone has pics of them in use... that would be awesome.

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that octanor looks nice and

that octanor looks nice and elegant.

I have the same concerns and made my first attempt with material found in my garage, was thinking to cap those openings with plastic covers and from where the cables coming with some elastic sealant material. Don't know should I add some rubber seals to the bottom of the frame where the stands comes out.

Waiting to receive interface card to be able to get this hooked up and verified.

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Load cells installed upside down

Hey Emil,

The load cell shown in this picture is upside down. The arrow on the load cell should be in the direction of the force. There is a picture on the wiki that is wrong. Sorry if that confused you. The 2nd picture "End view of rail with end cap and closure strip removed" on http://hivetool.org/w/index.php?title=Hardware:_Frame_Assembly is correct. The 6th picture "Setting the overload limit." is wrong. Sorry about that.

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weatherproof load cells?

Anyone who know if the load cells are weatherproof, and can be mounted under the frame and not inside?
I really like Adrians frame with a massive aluminium
Maybe it is possible just to use some hard plastic as a outside "ring" to cover for rain

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the spec sheet says IP65, so

the spec sheet says IP65, so should be weatherproof enough for this kind of usage


I am thinking the same, instead of making this kind of frame assembly, why not use some tough material like 12mm plywood,
plexisheet or similar.

why those pics I posted that monstrous size ?

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Picture Size??

I think the forum template we use may need a little tweek, but I couldn't figure out where to make the change. The Forum doesn't look like it's re scaling the image so since you loaded a fairly large pic, it's just showing up that way.

There are site settings for how do display images, so there should be a way to select either small, medium, or large which are all scaled down from the original - it's just a question of if anyone understands how to edit the template for forums (apparently not me). There are dozens of administrative options, but sadly I could not fine the right spot to change this. you could just manually re-scale your images and re upload them. I think the site default for large images is 480x480 pixels so manually doing this should at least fix the super large image.

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Image resize filter

Maybe we need to install this Drupal module?


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quick and dirty assembly

for the second hivetool I will use with my wooden boxes and bottoms, here a quick and dirty solution to attach the load cells, maybe I still attach a small plywood strip or something to hide the cells from the elements

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