New Developer's Forum/Blogs

We just finished setting up a Developer's Forum that is dedicated to technical issues. It is drupal using the core forum, advanced forum, messaging, notifications and views modules. This should include all the features we need and expect from a discussion board: notifications, subscriptions, uploads, views into recent activity. For an account, please email info at this website,

There are many features and options. drupal is fairly well documented. We are using version 7. Just make sure the instructions you use are not over 2 years old. There are links at the bottom of each blog, forum post or comment to subscribe. You can subscribe by Forum Topic, Author, or content type, like blogs. Your subscriptions are managed in My Account. Notifications are by email and can be immediate or digested once a week.

We may have gone overboard on all the different forums. Please let me know what forums or categories we missed. The old forum on will come down and be replaced with a new User's Forum to handle questions like how to install, configure, interpret the data, and user interface/features request.

We really just intended to use the drupal forums, but since drupal includes blogs, we might as well use them.