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Communication check

On the config screen could we add an option to check the communication configuration? When there's a config error, our home networks are getting blacklisted by

Is there an easy to tell from the hivetool device if authentication to passes or fails? We should add with a wait loop if it can't authenticate so we don't end up with a bunch of blacklisted users.

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On the Pi, point your

On the Pi, point your browser to localhost. From another computer on the network, point to the Pi's IP.

Click on "Logs" (bottom left)

Or, from the command line cat /home/hivetool.log

This file should be over written every 5 minutes or when the command is run manually.
At the bottom is a section "Uploading data to hivetool"
It shows the stats and result from the curl command.
Also, cat /tmp/hive_command.xml
It may give a clue as to failures if the connection is made but something goes wrong (not set up correctly) in the database.

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