Add Maintenance Mode

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The beekeeper will be able to set maintenance mode by pressing a real switch on the hive or a virtual switch via a smart phone or touch pad GUI. It can also be set remotely from the web GUI and the start, end, context and annotation changed after the fact.

Each press of the button will add 15 minutes to the MM timer.

Holding the switch in for
5 seconds will clear the timer.
10 seconds will reboot the Pi.

The LED can be used to signal MM and display error codes. See LED Alert software

In addition to start and end time, the context and annotation need to be stored.
See New tables for events, context, annotation

The main purpose of maintenance mode is to help understand the data and to filter out (or track) man made changes. We are currently limited to detecting manipulations based on dw/dt. How big was the change and how fast did it happen. It may be obvious to the eye, but we want to do this automatically. Removing a lid, then a few frames, then a super can look a lot like a swarm.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016 - 12:30