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Weaved remote access

I know this is not a Open Scource program, but it seems to be working really well for Pi
I have set up and used several systems with SSH for remote support, and maybe the best using XRDP remote, specially now that XRDP will be included in the new release

Just install the software as described on weaved.com and put in port 3389 in the local setup on the Pi

When connectin just put in the line in windows RDP "proxy54.yoics.net:xxxxx" and you get connected, it works OK on slow lines also

remot3.it remote access

An update on Weaved - I looked a number of options for secure remote access and decided upon remot3.it...and after looking at the Hivetool forums find that it's already been discovered as Weaved, now rebranded as https://www.remot3.it

My objective was to obtain simple and secure remote access without messing with port forwarding etc. I've several hives (in test mode at present) connected by wifi to a 4G dongle. The 4G dongle has fairly limited firewall/port forwarding ability.

After setting up an account at remot3.it and following the instructions at: https://remot3it.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115006015367-Installing-t...

Actually, I left out apt-get update - as was unsure of any wider implications.
For the Service, select Option 4 - custom and port 3389.

The install completed without issues and I had no issue kicking of a remote access session.

A web browser provides the status of each remote device and clicking on the device hyperlink brings up the dynamically allocated device address to use in the XRDP client.

It just works :)

List of devices and status
Allocation of dynamic address for use in remote desktop
RDC ...

Using a windows 10 machine within my network I can see the Raspberry .228 however I can't log in with the default user and password .... am I missing something?

I attached a screen shot of the error

Many thanks Devoir



Different than expected

While searching the forum I found


This does work. I am able to Remote into the Raspberry PI...

Looks like I have a lot to read here....


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direct login

http://192.168.x.x/config.pl goes directly to the apache server. You can also get to Data hive_stats5n.pl, Server Status server_status.shtml, and Logs hivetool_log.shtml

Mark in Willistown, PA
Hivetool and FlowHive

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