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TEMPerHUM Repository

I received 2 TEMPerHUM sensors to set up my hive, but one of them was
unsupported by the current release of TEMPerHUM that was available. I forked
the edorfaus github repository and added support for the following sensor


Retrieve this software from the following repository:

git clone git://github.com/mushisushi/TEMPered/

Move into the TEMPered directory and install using the following commands:

sudo ccmake .

Press [c] to configure -- you may receive some warnings that can be ignored
with [e]
Press [g] to generate -- if this option is not available, run [c] to
configure a second time.

sudo make install

The new tempered binary will be automatically copied into the /usr/local/bin
and can be run globally with sudo privileges.

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Thanks! Just received my

Thanks! Just received my temperhums, wondered what was wrong with those and with your guidance got them working :)

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