Forum Update - Admin anyone?

The forum seems to be working well. (I think it is working GREAT!) Thanks for everyone's patience, interest and support! Progress!

In addition to images, general file uploads have been enabled. You can currently upload up to 5 images and 5 files for each forum topic, comment or blog. The main complaint I have is the text box for the comment is way too small.

If anyone has the time and interest to serve as a Drupal admin, that would be great. I'd like to have backup and there are a lot of things that can be done with Drupal but I don't have time. Drupal is all menu driven so admin is pretty easy. I've install a module called Comment Mover that allows cutting and pasting a comment to start a new topic.

I'd like to color code the forums so it is easy to tell what forum the activity is in. Any other suggestions?

Again, thanks everybody. I think this will greatly speed development.



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I'm no coder, but perhaps I can help out a little here. Be Warned, I have no experience with administering a forum, nor have I worked with Drupal before, but if you point me towards what you want done and give me some reference material, we'll see if I can be of any help.

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There are several levels, depending on your interest and time.

Administering the forum involves creating accounts (or installing a robust CAPTCHA), changing comments into topics and moving topics to the correct forum.

Drupal admin is installing modules (usually easy), backing up the site.
If you are a command line user learn a little about drush (drupal shell). It is installed.

Site Development needs lots of work like styling pages (know anything about css?). We need to modify a theme (currently using Bartik) . A lot of the power of Drupal is Views. I'm trying to modify them to fit our needs. I installed a module called Table Highlighter and am try to modify the views of the forums.
compare with
I cloned the active view and changed Format to Table Highlighter and added this php code:

if ($taxonomy_term_data_node_name == "Power Consumption"
|| $taxonomy_term_data_node_name == "Solar Power"
||$taxonomy_term_data_node_name == "AC") return 'yellow';

if ($taxonomy_term_data_node_name == "Hivetool Releases"
|| $taxonomy_term_data_node_name == "Software"
|| $taxonomy_term_data_node_name == "Database"
|| $taxonomy_term_data_node_name == "Data Warehouse") return 'magenta';

if ($taxonomy_term_data_node_name == "I2S Microphones" || $taxonomy_term_data_node_name == "USB"
|| $taxonomy_term_data_node_name == "GPIO" || $taxonomy_term_data_node_name == "1-Wire"
|| $taxonomy_term_data_node_name == "Weight") return 'green';

if ($taxonomy_term_data_node_name == "Electronics: Interface PCB, SBC, SoC"
|| $taxonomy_term_data_node_name == "Frames Load Cell Mounting"
|| $taxonomy_term_data_node_name == "Enclosures") return 'cyan';

if ($taxonomy_term_data_node_name == "Electronics: Interface PCB, SBC, SoC"
|| $taxonomy_term_data_node_name == "Frames Load Cell Mounting"
|| $taxonomy_term_data_node_name == "Enclosures") return 'cyan';

if ($taxonomy_term_data_node_name == "Cellular Modems"
|| $taxonomy_term_data_node_name == "Ethernet"
|| $taxonomy_term_data_node_name == "WiFi"
|| $taxonomy_term_data_node_name == "Remote Access Tools") return 'blue';

Hope I didn't scare you off. There is a wide range of tasks from clicking on menus to figuring out what code in which template to change. It pretty much depends on your interests and what you want to learn. Drupal is powerful, mature, fairly well documented and has a decent architecture.


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Is the notification feature working for you?

Helping with Forum admin sounds reasonable, I can also try some light drupal admin tasks.

When given the chance I usually work with gui's but when necessary can work from the command line.

Like I said I'm no coder and my CSS skills are super primitave. I can read the php code, and generally can generally slog through c code. I would be able to regroup things and modify the color, but doing the initial code just would take me a lot of work.

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Do you want to do set me up as a forum admin and give me a quick overveiw? I work well if I have a task to zero in on, so if you have something specific to work on... I can dig into that.

And I did get notified when I posted my last response, so notifications seem to be working now.

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You're admin role has been switched on. You should notice a black menu bar on the top of the browser window. And a new tab, Project Management. How about a walk through on the phone this weekend? After 5 pm Sat or anytime Sunday?

Hmm - a task to zero in on ....