Why is not everything working

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Why is not everything working

On the Pi under "http://localhost" I have six "links" to choose from.
The red marking on the picture is not working, is there a reason for that or something wrong?

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graph, phpLiteAdmin and HiveControl not working.

The data graph should start working when you put in a start date.

The database should take you to a log in page for phpLiteAdmin. The default password is admin.

HiveControl is a separate software written by Ryan. It is not installed by default in that version. We are trying to include it in the image.

Ok, then I know. Thank you.

Ok, then I know.

Thank you.


I don't have the Icon Hive Control on my screen... What does this software do? I tried to google it and can't find any reference to the image...

Many thanks



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