Bad connection in scale RJ connectors

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Bad connection in scale RJ connectors

Earlier I had issues with noise in my data. See the pic called noisy scales.
Paul offered advice to check:
- bad connection on the analog side of the HX711 - recrimp the RJ connectors
- the 6 pins on the HX711 or interface board - look for dry joints/resolder

to resolve the issue I:
1. swapped out the Hivetool Hat/HX711 to eliminate hardware - no change
2. tested with alternative scales known to be working - the Alt scales worked well
3. not wanting to redo all of the four connectors I measured and noted the resistance between the pins on each RJ connector - 3 of 4 connectors displayed the same results, 1 was markedly difference in impedance.

I cut off the one connector, replaced it and then measured the impedance again - now the same as the other three. I reinstalled the scales and the noise is no longer present. See the pic called no noise scales.

Trust this is of help to others.

noisy scales
no noise scales