Which system?

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Which system?

Hi All,

Is this the best system for me?

I'm a quasi-commercial beek with 30 fix hives scattered around Perth/WA/Australia backyards and another 30 I just drove about 400km away to chase a particular blossom. I have plans to end the season with at least double th the migratory hives AI have now. I have some debian, and semi-embedded exp, from P2P wifi projects back in the early naughties I guess, some linux desktop exp and even a little samba/web services admin.

What I'd like is to be able to view the stats on one hive, but also see the weights of say 2-4 others cabled to it. This would permit me to the flow taper, and know that I need to move my bees, or at least consider it. The only connection available at this location presently would be via 2/3/4G services. I don't need pretty graphs often, I'f probably prefer to get alerts about the rate of change changing.

Next, in order to know what I might take the bees next, I have tester hives spread across a 200km wide region, in pairs and small numbers, on different flowering plants. They also need a 2/3/4G connection.

There is a bit of a gamble in not visiting the hives myself but perhaps a little too much gamble in monitoring one hive only yet too much expense in dropping a Pi on every one.

Pretty interested in sigfox but it's not quite there yet, in the zone.



PS: also water levels for water bucket
PPS: accelerometer/geofence reporting
PPPS: dummy mode button for harvesting, and movement
PPPPS: some sort of netsharing for huntcam security