tracking hives for note taking

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tracking hives for note taking

I'm working on a way to keep track of my hives and make data entry (note taking) in the field easy.

I'd like to be able to point my phone at the hive and see the past history, notes, etc and then be able to click on standard manipulation/treatment/observation options.

I'm thinking of tracking at the super level. Maybe even weighing each super as I put it on or take it off. Using the phones GPS, I can capture the hives location,at least to the yard.

My plan is to print custom Quick Reference (QR) codes on 3x5 inch index cards, seal them in 10 mil plastic pouches and attach one to each super.

The QR code would take you to a web page (would automatically log you in) and allow you to add notes and see old notes. A combination of 1 or more supers would form a hive.

Any ideas?

(The QR code below is just a sample - it may or may not take you somewhere. But not to the note taking page as it hasn't been written.)

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would automatically log you in

Nice, but I think the auto logon is a problem if other comes to the apiary and could go directly to the notes page, I think this should be password protected, maybe with saved password on the phone so we just have to log in the first time.

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auto log in

Yes, that is what I meant. Once you log in, it could remember the login.

I was thinking if someone hit it, in addition to a login/pw prompt, there could be a "Report a problem" button that would send an email to the hive owner. Maybe help recover stolen property.

I changed the original image. I removed my name, honey company, phone and replaced it with the super number.

Here are the thermal pouches I am thinking of using, about $0.13 each

some think like this

BeePlus is a app that has some of though ideas
made by OmniChrome

BeePlus is a app

I use the BeePlus app I like to track the progress of the hives, along with photo's . the feature i miss is the ability to track frames .. the only way I can do that is to enter them in the notes field...

I would love to see your work when you wish to show it.



just starting with bees and beePlus

I'am new to all of this bee keeping thing ,first year hive i bought a hive last year and a nuck this spring
I have worked in electronics for many years ,i'am 65 years old and find a monitor system a lot of fun
I put a zip file of my housing in the form- hardware-enclosures ,check it out and let me know what you think.

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