Request for fixes and features in 0.8

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Request for fixes and features in 0.8

Building and testing of 0.8 has been accelerated due to reported problems when updating the 0.7.4 image. Are there any fixes or features that are needed?
The current list is here:

The ones that are crossed out have been completed. I hope to get the user selection of display units, metric/SI or imperial, in this release.

Feature Request

This may have to wait for a subsequent release if you're in a hurry to get 0.8 out the door. But the feature I'm most interested in seeing added to the platform is support for acoustic input with a graph of the FFT output. For that matter, it would be ideal if there were a MEMS microphone added to the dev kit. From the standpoint of both research and hive management, this would be very valuable.

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