Connection drops after a few moment

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Connection drops after a few moment


I'm new to this forum, thanks Paul for providing credentials!
I set up my hivetool last weekend and I wanted to have it embedded in the database to provide something like a non-US-control-hive, since I am based in Bavaria, Europe.

I dug a, say, canyon from the house to the apiary in order to have a stable power and ethernet connection. Unfortunately, it turns out to be not so stable: When I restart the Pi, I see it on the network. A few moments later, it disappears. I checked with a computer at the other end of the line, which works fine (so wiring should be ok).

Seems to me that the Pi goes into sleep or anything alike? Does someone have experience on that?

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More tests

What does the Ethernet LEDS looks like when it stops, are they still lightning? if dark I think it's a HW åroblem, if it's lit up I think of a SW problem.
What happens if you use the Pi indoor nearer to the switch, is it stable then?
BTW I have never seen this problem

Hi Emil,

Hi Emil,

thanks for your reply. I checked the Pi directly next to the switch with a 1 m network calbe and it worked just fine. Then I took a laptop to the apiary and tried there, which ruled any software-issues, as the laptop did not get a connection either.
After all, I was just to dumb to properly connect the ethernet cable to the wallmount (switched two white cables / mxed up cable pairs). Now it works just fine, never mind and thanks again!

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Also consider surge protection and POE

Glad you got it working. Linux/Ethernet usually play well together. (not so true with wi-fi). When I wire an ethernet cable wrong, it usually just doesn't work at all. Never seen where it sort of works. To lessen crosstalk and improve SNR, the different pairs have different numbers of twists per unit length. I guess the right signals were getting to the right place, but there was a lot of noise on the signals.

I've had pretty good luck with Power Over Ethernet (POE). Unused pairs are used to send power to the device. You need a power supply, combiner and splitter. I've used the TP-LINK Power over Ethernet Adapter Kit (TL-POE200).

Also consider a lightning surge protector. Really need one on both ends. We have lost the PI's ethernet port and router ports to lightning - then you can switch to Wi-Fi ...

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