IoT BLE wireless hive monitor

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IoT BLE wireless hive monitor

For a wireless (BLE) scale and sensor package, I'm starting to play with the Nordic nRF52 in the form of the FCC approved Rigado BMD-300/301. We have a surface mount board containing a BMD-301, a Pi header and the RJ telco jacks we use for sensors. They just have to be assembled ....

The nRF52 uses an ARM processor that can be programed through JTAG or SWD. I'm planning to use the Pi as the development MCU. I think gcc will be compiling in native mode. To program the device, I'm planning to use Open On Chip Debugger. The installation looks pretty easy:

More on On Chip Debugger is here.
Their latest release supports a bunch of chips.

Controlling Nordic nRF52 via SWD interface:

Setting up the nRF51 (maybe similar for the nRF52?) development on Linux :

Anybody interested in helping code, compile or debug?


BLE wireless hive monitor

This may sound like a dumb question, but I'm not sure I understand the advantage of wireless sensors for the hivetool app. I'm assuming the sensors would be using batteries if they were wireless -- which means changing batteries periodically. Seems less convenient than having them plugged into the pi. What's the use case where wireless is better?

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