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Hive Audio signature

Is there any progress on the issue of incorporating a microphone into the sensor array? From a hive management standpoint this is one of the most important sensors, when coupled with FFT for swarm prediction. AdaFruit sells an Electret Microphone Amplifier - MAX4466 with Adjustable Gain -- for $7.

In addition to swarm prediction and various hive health indicators, acoustic signatures have been shown to be uniquely associated with sub-lethal exposures to toxins. This is a promising area for research, assuming it were possible to develop a library of acoustic signatures for various toxic substances. Not only would this enable a beekeeper to determine when their bees had been exposed to a toxin, it would also allow for identification of that toxin.


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this is interesting topic, I

this is interesting topic, I have seen several articles talking about audio monitoring hives, and some products developed already for this like Apidictor iPhone app, Arnia hive monitor system.

Also found a MSc thesis work (studying WIFI FR signal impacts on bees) utilising "PLMC15 omnidirectional microphone" with some example python code to monitor hive.

Would this be of interest to study and play around with? I would be interested to participate :)

Swarm Prediction

From a hive management perspective, I'd love to see us incorporate the ability to anticipate a swarm by a couple weeks. Something along the lines of what these guys are doing:

hivetool and others

Osbeehives sell a peice of hardware for sound too.
They give the software out for free, it's an app to download to phones
with a raspberry pi it could work
I think the sph0645 MEMS mic from adafruit would be a good fit

Swarm Sound

I would also like to see this incorporated into the Tool Management...


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