Enclosure for RasPi2

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Enclosure for RasPi2

Does anybody know of an available enclosure for the RPi2 that is large enough to cover enclose our Pi's with the interface board on top?

I don't like my RPi being open to the environment, even though it will be sealed. I have had several dozens of caterpillars somehow living inside of my previous solar panel setup. I don't want them crawling all over the boards!

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Enclosures on EBay

From previous email exchanges I think both Email and Adrian like this box, available with or without mounting tabs. Maybe they could post pictures of the box with the Pi mounted.

Emil said:
I also bought this cheap boxes for use outdoor at the hive, I seems that the pi and HAT with cabling will fit OK in here, and also my USB 3G modem


There is also a version with clear cover


I will use Cable Glands PG11 or PG20 to connect the cables (on the bottom)


Adrian said:

You're on the right track with enclosures, Ebay (china) also offers one with mounting tabs so it can be screwed to any surface externally. I use the same ones.
I use a single 3/4" plastic strain relief that I pass all the wires through. When tested & satisfied I apply a glob of caulking to the gland & wires, tighten to prevent water intrusion let dry and deploy in field. If you need future access the caulk is easily peeled away. I pull through my usb extension cable for WiFi first as the end is largest and allows other connectors to pass one by one.
With mounting:

Enclosures that Adrian has tested:
Here is what I am trying for enclosures, I just purchased a bunch to evaluate.
Let me know your favorites then we (you) can hopefully update the website.
I did not find multi compartment suitable to protect the RJ jacks.

I selected 158X90X65mm, tight fit but inexpensive, have used, just room for 3/4" cable entry in alignment with USB

Clasped Bud enclosure, affordable, rugged, tight fit, going to evaluate, very available

Plastic, Position sensitive, oversized, slotted, not a tight seal around multiple cables, a little pricey

Position sensitive, oversized, slotted, not a tight seal around multiple cables, availability?

PVC, inexpensive, available, may be flimsy, evaluating, nice fit.
Alternate supplier,

HD PVC Enclosure of choice, 4X4X2" very tight, best for A+, least expensive, usb cable must be aligned to poke into cable entry

HD Cable entry of choice

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I'm sorry, my 3G modem dosen't fit in directly so I have to use a small USB extender. But here is some pictures of my PI with HAT and and the Lux sensor inside the cabinet which is with clear top (so we easily can see the LED). At the moment i'm using a ethernet cable, and found out that there is only space for 4 RJ11 plugs in each M20 (the blue one).
The cabinet is water proof, but of course with the M20 down.

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Mount Pi Cam inside?

Looks really nice. I wonder if the Pi Cam could be fixed inside looking out.

Where will you mount this?

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Pi Cam inside

I don't have a camera myself so I can't check, but I think it would be possible to extend the nuts beside the HX711 board, and then mount it on top there, but I'm not sure.

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