Scale Calibration

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Scale Calibration

My scale is fluctuation about 10 lbs because of temperature. It is also only reading about 20 pounds. I have disconnected and reconnected the scale and it still does it. Any help would be appreciated or ideas?


Scale Calibration

Sorry about the slow reply. I don't always read the emails. Concerning your problem, the scale is fluctuating 50%, so my first thought is a calibration routine. Do you feel it worked OK when you performed the calibration? Did you just zero the calibration, or did you put a weight on the scale, and then enter that amount in the program? The latter option is the appropriate method to use. Please let me know where you're at with this problem. I have several questions.
1) Is your scale under an active beehive now?
2) Is it possible to recalibrate your scale now? That is, can you take all the weight off to do a recalibration?
3) If you put a five to ten pound weight on top of the hive, do you see any change in weight in the software?
4) How did you mount the scales? Did you make your own base or buy one? Please provide more details.
5) I don't know where you live - what season are you in right now?
6) Is this a new setup that has never worked? Or did it function properly, and now is broken?

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