Raspberry Pi 3 B+ boot problem

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Raspberry Pi 3 B+ boot problem

I'm new to Hivetool and I'm new to the Raspberry Pi. I am fairly fluent in Linux but by no means an expert. I've recently purchased a hivetool rev 0.3 HAT and along with it cam the SD card. I cloned the SD card to have a spare copy. When I boot the Pi3 B+ I get the color rainbow screen and the screen show a lightening bolt on the upper corner. From what I've gathered on the web this indicates an incompatible boot loader. (https://www.raspberrypi.org/forums/viewtopic.php?t=58151)

From the web link...
"If you have one of the latest PI 3B+ which won't boot and it keeps stuck on the rainbow screen, while also displaying the under voltage (lightening bolt) icon, and/or the red LED flashing then you are simply are using boot code that is too old. Please download the very latest version of Raspbian, or do an upgrade to it."

I've downloaded the NOOBS package , removed the Hivetool HAT and booted and installed the Raspbian OS and the Pi3 B+ works fine.

Any suggestions on how to fix this problem. Thanks in advance.


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Version 0.8.1 rc 1

Version 0.8.1 rc 1 is available for downloading (and testing). It is built on the latest Raspbian Stretch Release Kernel version 4.14 April 18 2018. This should fix the problem of the Pi 3 B+ not booting.


Sorry, Tim. Apparently HiveTool version 0.8.0 somehow got released with a boot loader that is incompatible with the Pi 3 B+. Someone else also reported the problem about a week before you. I built the 0.8.0 image on an older Pi, even tested it on a Pi Zero, with no problems, BUT didn't have a 3B+.

My initial testing with with 0.8.0 on my new 3 B+ has the same rainbow screen, the lightening bolt, and the red LED flashing. I assumed the lightning bolt and flashing LED was a power supply problem ...

Thanks for your post with the alternative meaning on the lightening bolt. I had started building a new image on the Pi3B+ but it is reassuring to know what the problem is. Anyway, for all the gory details on version 0.8.1, please see:

I suspect that booting 0.8.0 on a non Pi 3 B+ and then updating everything should fix the problem.

WARNING: This is release candidate 1. The TEMPerHUM, Adam CPW200plus, TSL2561 drivers have not been tested yet (but nobody uses them and this fix needs to go out.) This should be pretty solid

KNOWN BUGS (with 0.8.0 too):

The python drivers for the HX711 do not work on the PI Zero (use wiringPi driver instead).
MEMS microphone doesn't work.

So, anybody have any ideas on these two issues? I'd really like to see the MEMS microphone work!

Version 0.8.1rc1 working


I just wanted to check in and let you know that the Version 0.8.1 rc1 is working. Loaded it last night and the Pi booted up. Now to learn how to run HiveTool and get the WiFi feed out to the apiary. Thanks for you help.

Tim Elliott

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