Lightening took me out!

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Lightening took me out!

I'm done with testing, and am getting ready to put the scale back in service. I am not 100% sure, but I don't think I lost any equipment, except for the LUX. I had to download another copy of the 7.4 version on an SD card as the jolt seemed to only scramble the software. I have bought two discs, and so this time I downloaded it. My question to there a difference in the software, or some setting I am not getting right with my download, to make the LUX sensor work? It used to work, and now doesn't Not the end of the world but I thought it was pretty nice to see day/night at the glance of a graph. I am WIFI and SOLAR, and hope to be back under the hive within the week.
Thanks for any input!

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Lux problem

Did you ever get an answer? I have the same problem but with both sensors.

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Plugged in the correct Jack?

Sorry I missed your question, Doc, and sorry about the lightning.

First a dumb question on the LUX Sensor - is it plugged in what I consider to be the top left jack?

for a picture. There is no room for labels on the board. Anyone who has built more than one has probably plugged one of the sensors in the wrong place.

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