HX 711 dead after expanding of file system

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HX 711 dead after expanding of file system


I have a kind of software-hardware-issue: after a few days of running hivetool, disk space was occupied 100%. At that time I remembered that I have copied the image onto a 32GB microSD. So I expanded the file system with raspi-config. Successfully so far, with the limitation that hivetool stopped working.
hivetool_config.pl tells me that for HX 711 it gets in unexpected number.is this issue known? Or is there a better wayto expand the file system?

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HX 711 dead after expanding of file system

Expanding the file system should not have had any affect on the HX711. raspi-config is the way I expand the FS. Need more info:
1. Is this a Pi3?
2. 0.7.4 image?
3. Did you upgrade? (sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade)
That may break the HX711py (python) driver.
4. If so, try the other (older) hx711 driver (point your browser to the configuration page (config.pl). It may take a while to load as it tries to read all the sensors. From the drop down select HX711.

Could you please post the /home/hivetool/hivetool.log file?


I could not reach hivetool

I could not reach hivetool.org for some reason, sorry for the delay. I fixed the initial problem bei reinstalling wiringPi, whicht seemed to have become suspicious about it's environment after expandion of the SD card.
Now I face the next problem: no data are recorded and I cannot write config.pl:

Could not prepare query: UPDATE HIVE_PARAMETERS SET hive_id=, hive="", name="", nasa="", status=4, city="Missen-Wilhams", state="Bavaria", country="Germany", altitude_feet=2952, orientation_string="Southwest", start_date="", power="AC", computer="Pi", connectivity="Ethernet" where hive_id= near ",": syntax error

For your questions:
1. It's a Pi 2
2. yes, 0.7.4 image
3. I did update and upgrade

i will send the log entries as soon as I am back at the Pi....



sorry, I was being too rushy when fixing this. It seems that I have deleted the logfiles. Let's hope, that this was a single time thing, since it did not occur when I created a new SD from the image and expanded the file system. Sorry for bothering.

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