Hivetool Development - 2017 and Beyond

Purpose of this
The purpose of this communication is to inform those who may be unfamiliar with the work of our small core group. This is from my perspective. To request input and ideas and gain a consensus in what areas of Hivetool we should focus our resources.
Please feel free post or email with any suggestions, overlooked opportunities or just critique.

My Background
Over the last several years I have been active in Hivetool hardware selection, sensor research & development.
Paul & I have corroborate regularly on priorities and where we our limited resources are are directed.
My background is in electronics and industrial SCADA as well as hobby beekeeping, science & technology,
I lack programming skills, Paul, Ryan and others have made the software nearly usable for the layperson.

General Objectives
Hivetool objectives for me have been to offer affordable open source hardware and software enabling the layperson (ultimately without programming skills) to assemble and measure hive and ambient conditions relevant to bee health, the understanding of bees and their interactions in the environment.
It is understood that there are many individual interests and objectives in bee & hive monitoring.
My hope is we collectively identify and undertake to measure, the most feasible and valuable physical properties.
This is achieved through sensing, data collection, analysis, presentation and sharing of data, near real-time and archival.
It's tempting to downplay our limited time, knowledge and financial resources, we need to carefully balance the complexity, costs and benefits of our undertakings. Our resources are dynamic, for instance if we receive greater funding or participation we can accomplish that which has only been at a conceptual stage. Consequently funding and recruiting are objectives with significant importance.

Specific Objectives
Here is a broad list of what I (hopefully our community) feel are worthy objectives for the coming year 2017, perhaps not well prioritized;
Increase participation, developer & user community, outreach
Increase Funding, project sustainability
Topologies; remote standalone, WiFi, hardwired, Gateway (aka yard controller)
Beekeeper friendly Hivetool / HiveControl software
Simple cost effective DIY hardware, Scale frame
Solar & Battery power sensors; BLE, 802.15.4,
Wireless low power sensors, Bluetooth, Cellular, IoT,
Efficient Communications; IoT, Thread, WiFi, BLE, 802.15.4, store & forward
New sensors, Audio, Bee Counter / Activity, Video, Chemical
Power solutions; LiPo, Solar, Charge controller
Raspberry Pi standalone replacement; Low power, RTC, Low Cost, Broad Availability, Future Proof, Easy Development
Database Reconstruction; Automatic registration & configuration, redundancy, Data access
Web Site; Update, Remove obsolete, Reorganize content
Blog & Forums; Usability enhancements
Specialized Hardware; PCB design, production
Production; Assembly & production of hardware
Software distribution; download, preloaded
Licensing; propitiatory HW & SW, protections
Mission Statement; Need a public mission statement
Business Plan; Non-profit, monitization, volunteering,
Marketing; Attracting participation, conference presentations, web sales
Organisation; corroboration, decision making
Protections; Hivetool inspired HW & SW reproduction & marketing by others, copyrights
Getting involved; making it attractive and inspiring, contact us

Once we have had an opportunity to contemplate, clarify and gain consensus, I'd like to reorganize & incorporate parts of the content into our Hivetool public Web Presence. Your thoughts please...

Adrian Ogden
Hardware - Sensor Lab

I've been doing a lot of hardware investigation, trying to forge a roadmap for the success of Hivetool. Here are some relevant hardware links of emergent technology if your interested.

Ref. Here is a article on open source hardware;
Ref. Wireless technologies;
Ref. NXP BLE low energy module;
Ref. IoT Mesh Networking (Yard Controller);
Ref. Graphics software;
Ref. Capacitive Solitary Bee Counter;
Ref. Capacitive Sensing Capsense processors;
Ref. Capacitive based sensor for monitoring bees;
Ref. AT&T Cellular IoT;
Ref. Verizon Thing Space IoT;
Ref. Ublox narrowband cellular IoT;
Ref. Researchgate scientific research articles;


Hi Adrian,

Great goals for 2017. I've been working on another project here at home, but will surely have some time to contribute to hivetool te coming year. One of my decisions is to start with the devboard you guys provide instead of using my own sensors. I'm bettter at programming then electronics :)

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These are great goals. I will contact to get more information!

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