my HiveTool with solar power and 3G modem


just wanted to share my build and experience with you all - I set up the tool around mid-June and have been playing around
with it this summer.

I am really amazed of these tools and instructions what you have done here, excellent and great thanks for sharing these !! :)
I am currently using the HiveTool 0.7.3 RC2 and HiveControl 1.8 - waiting eagerly for the newer releases.

Below some pics of the setup.

I constructed my scale frame from square tubes I had in garage plus bought those adjustable legs and caps from local hw store to finish the outlook. (the scale sensors are up-side-down in the pic),

For hive and ambient temps I use the TemperHUM sensors.

The communications is handled with a 3G USB Modem, Telewell brand.

The solar panel is 20W, charging 60Ah battery - I need to add another panel as this setup will run out of power after 1 week rainy/cloudy weather.

The Rpi/HiveTool is powered via the D-SUB in the interface card, and the 3G USB modem as it is power hungry I ended up using a 12V car
USB charger, and a split USB cable to get the power lines connected to the charger and the data lines connected to the rpi USB port.
( I think I will change this so that both the USB modem and rpi gets the power from the same charger).

As a case for the rpi I used one of those that Emil mentioned in his post in the forum.

Currently the HiveTool and HC are a bit messed up, the HiveTool graph is not working (table format output is ok) and the ambient
sensor readings have stopped, and something wrong with the HC as well as the sensors and scale values dropping to '0' every now and then.
I hope after newer releases of these HiveTool and HC with new fresh install would get rid of those.

The season here in Finland is over, I harvested 30kg of honey from this hive, now feeding sugar for wintering it.



Esa's picture

late summer my hivetool went silent, no data connection. After studying a bit more found that the SD card was totally
corrupted, no recovery not even formatting worked. The 3G USB modem is dead (sim card still work on another device), and even
the splitted USB power-data cable data lines fried...

Sorry to hear your monitor succumbed to lightning or an apparent nearby discharge, hopefully you were not in the vicinity.
One of the many reasons we are working on wireless hive sensors, they are more isolated and should be less susceptible to damage by lightning and other unwelcome electrical currents, that said a very close strike may still destroy the sensitive electronics.
I hope you will continue to rebuild a monitor...

Adrian Ogden

Hi Esa, great setup. it's about the same as I have planned here.

I hope to get to it coming year. Built myself a new garage the last months so no time was left to experiment.