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0.7.4 rc1a

After a clean install of 0.7.4 rc1a I can't log in with windows 10 rdp client
I get a message
error problem connecting
In the log file is says that display 10 is in use
I have searched around but no answer who worked
Anyone else who get this to work?

XRDP & RealVnc incompatibility

The latest Pi system updates known as Pixel include RealVnc which breaks XRDP.
The interim fix is to uninstall XRDP, uninstall RealVnc then install XRDP again as follows;
sudo apt-get purge xrdp
sudo apt-get purge realvnc-vnc-server
sudo apt-get install xrdp
There may be a way modify RealVnc config to mitigate the conflict but I have not found a fix which allows both which is preferred.
I suspect it's a port conflict?
ref. https://www.raspberrypi.org/blog/introducing-pixel/

Adrian Ogden

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Thank you Adrian, had to uninstall both xrdp and vnc and install xrdp afterwards to get it to work, just uninstall vnc don't work

But I have some problems in hivetool.log, it don't seems that DHT22 readings are correct, see the attached log file

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Wrong GPIO numbers

This image hasn't really been released yet ... thanks for testing it. Sorry I don't have the important changes posted somewhere.

The short answer is either
1. change the GPIO from 22 to 3 or
2. change the Sensor Type from DHT22 to DHTxx (and leave the GPIO set to 22).

I recommend option 2. The DHTxx driver and the HX711py driver use the pigpio libraries and daemon instead of wiringPi libraries. The pigpiod daemon and libraries work very well, reading the sensors with no errors.

Different GPIO numbering is used in the two libraries.
wiringPI libraries and drivers use the Raspberry Pi numbering.
pigpio uses the Broadcom numbering. As a result, the new drivers that use pigpio use GPIO numbers 27 and 22 for the DHT sensors. The old drivers uses GPIO numbers 2 and 3 for the same pins on the headers.

The chart on this page lists them both:

Sorry for not having this information available with the image.

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working now

I now use the following for my testing norway1
HX711py and GPIO5
DHT22 GPIO2 for hive temp (I don't have this connected yet)
DHT22 GPIO3 for Ambient temp
HX711pyB and GPIO5 for battery (Running on USB power now)

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