LED Alert software

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LED Alert software

The LED on the hive interface board is driven from a GPIO pin ie it is under software control. By flashing different patterns (morse code?) it can be used to signal:
Sensor failure, low temp, high temp, etc.
Network connection failure
Disk full
Low battery voltage.

We are currently limited to one color but use of a three color LED has been proposed.

It looks like we need a place to store conditions and software to drive the LED. This could be done in the Data Acquisition Daemon (DAD) see:

This is in response to "Should a maintenance switch be included on the interface board" http://hivetool.org/d/node/31

Ideas anyone?

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we could follow principles

we could follow principles used in telecoms monitoring, i.e define conditions above as alarms with states active/cancelled/acknowledged, with severity categories critical(red)/medium(orange)/minor(yellow).

led on means an active alarm, blinking as un-acknowlegded (useful state if several persons involved in monitoring) and the colour indicates the criticality of the case.

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is there any guidelines, or

is there any guidelines, or notes/restrictions to consider if/when playing around with that dad -codes loaded in the /home/download/dad directory ? I can read c-code but if there is any documents, guidelines would be easier :)

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