HiveTool user and password explanation needed

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HiveTool user and password explanation needed

is the HiveTool user and password fields described somewhere, used for what ?

There are in the hive.conf

and in the HiveTool configuration page:
HiveTool Login:
HiveTool password:
local database:
Database User:
Database password:

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HiveTool user and password

HIVETOOL_USER and HIVETOOL_PASSWORD are used to send data to the database on
Near the bottom of there is a curl command that uses them to upload the XML data file. If there are more than 5 bad login attempts per hour our new virtual server will blacklist your IP. If you cannot access, your IP has probably been blacklisted.

DATABASE_USER and DATABASE_PASSWORD were used on the local hive computer to access the local MySQL database to log data locally. We switched to SQLite and it doesn't use a user/password to insert rows. BUT the DATABASE_USER is used as a flag. If it is empty ("") then won't store data to the local SQLite database. If there is anything in there (doesn't matter what - I usually put admin as that is the user for phpSQLiteadmin) then will log to the local SQLite database.

These fields are stored in hive.conf and can me changed with a text editor. The same fields are displayed and can be edited with a browser pointed to (the HiveTool configuration page).

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