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Frame dimensions

I haven't received my kit yet so I'm trying to make small inroads with the material I already have.

I've got the unistrut for the frameless rails detailed in the wiki, with the only difference being that I'm going to weld the two rails together with another piece of unistrut in a figure H for stability. My problem is that I don't know how long to cut each piece. My hives are on a 2x6 hive stand so I need to cut the unistrut to the proper length so that the leveling mount will line up with the 2x6 when installed in the unistrut. Can someone give me a measurement from the end of the unistrut rail to the center of the leveling mount? That will let me go ahead and cut the unistrut and get it welded and ready for when the kit arrives.

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Frame Design

If you've already got the strut, you're well into your design - I would suggest in the future that if you're going to weld... 2" square tube works nicely. I set my load cellsback 1" from the end of the tube which puts the center of the leveling foot (M8 threaded hole) 1.5" back from the end.

I just centered the bottom of the bolt head (leveling foot) in the side rails of my 2x6 treated base and used a forstner bit to recess a flat bottomed hole for the bolt head so it won't slide off the top of my base. It seems to work very well so far.

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Thanks Nate. So 1/2 inch from the outside edge of the load cell to the center of the leveling mount?

Great idea with the recessed hole in the hive stand btw.

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