Cellular modem

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Cellular modem

Cellular Modem if that is what you want to call it, I think can be acchived with a smart phone app. The app for a smart phone when it is developed I think would be able to this. As Hivetool.org get more members I do believe that an app for a smart phone can and will be devloped. Another feature that should be added even if it is not with a smart phone network would be to have a mesh type network similar to how the power company reads it meters.



you should be able to use a 3G USB key to establish a network connection (PPP)
with you router/Pi. They could be found for less than 10€.

I have bought one but need more time to be able to test it.

It seems easy than using a SIM800 shield like, unless you have
good 3.3V power source.

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