general HiveTool load question

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general HiveTool load question

I think perhaps I've gone down a wrong road - looking for confirmation and wondering if it' fixable or if I need to restart.

I thought that since the github site's been pretty actively updated... I'd just start there so I loaded up a raspbian image then ran the script on rcrums github site

I sent a couple issue I noticed to the rcrum, and in the last one he said This is just the base code for the HiveControl portion of the scripts... so now I'm wondering if this was actually a viable way to install or if I'm missing some stuff and need to go back and download the zipped hivetool image then possibly update from github.

or if there's another branch of code I need is that also on github somewhere else?

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HiveTool vs HiveControl on github is Ryan's code (note HiveControl, not HiveTool. Alas, I have never mastered uploading to github. There are two HiveTool repositories on github: villagefool/hivetool and hivetools but both are way out of date. At the urging of others, I am trying to create images to make it easier. If you want to roll your own, use these pages (but they don't have all the HiveTool scripts.) :, .... 0.7.4, etc.

I'd really like to get HiveTool into an api-get package, but don't know how. Anybody want to take this on?

Script Install

I haven't yet mastered apt-get packages.... though, i found that for our custom setup, and were the way to go, because sometimes we had dependency code that couldn't be packaged for whatever reason.

It should be easy to make an install script for Hivetool proper, which will reduce the download cost/time of an image and let people with a default image get it installed without much fuss!

I'm happy to craft it up for you, and I can show you how easy github is to use.


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