New image releases when?

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New image releases when?

Do we have a target date for a more current release of the Hivetool image?
I would love to try Ryan's Highcharts JS dashboard, trends and configurator perhaps in an alternate release assuming it's compatible with the Hivetool data repository and supports standalone operation?
Inclusion of a list of version features and fixes would also be great.
Would it be feasible / desirable to make distributions available via apt-get install from the Pi OS?

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list of features/fixes

See this page for the list of changes, fixes and additions:

Actual details of the changes are at the bottom:
3.21 xrdp
3.22 open62541

A hivetool apt-get package would be awesome. Anybody want to work on that?

I don't know when!!! HELP!!!! Maybe by Wednesday?

where can we find the version of the image

Is there a file that contains the image version somewhere. When you kind of forgot which version you've put on it again ;)

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