New PCB, what is included?

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New PCB, what is included?

What is included with the new PCB? Do I need to purchase anything extra (powers supply, headers, resistors)?

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Hive Interface ver 0,2 Parts

It should be more efficient for me to buy quantity from ebay and drop one or two in the box with the board. I try to include everything BUT the 12v to 5v PS if you don't need it. The power supply is risky as it is adjustable and has fried at least one Pi. It includes the RJ14 plugs for the load cells and standoffs, screws and nuts. For everyone so far, I have shipped fully assembled boards.

Attached is a part list in pdf and ods. It include the HX-711 that is already included with the load cells. so you can subtract $3.40 from the cost.

How to order

How do I order the new interface board?

Interface Board

I have received my developer kits, how can I get the interface board as well?

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Keep Squeaking

As in the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Sorry, Charles. I am way behind. I will try to ship Monday. We are trying to get a better system in place to keep notes (like who can solder and who wants an assembled board) and to track progress of the orders. We are also trying to have the boards assembled in China and shipped with the Dev Kits. At least you have finally received the Dev Kits .... Progress!

And to any one else who needs the hive interface boards: Bug me, harass me, threaten me, beat me up. Just keep after me until you receive the interface board. You are not bothering me, just focusing my priorities.

Red faced, head hung in shame,

Squeak Squeak

FYI, I can solder.

Developer Kit


I have not received my developer kit and I know you are behind, but I would like to order the interface board also. How do I do that?

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Obtaining a Hive Interface Board

The present hive interface board is an interim, stop gap, intermediate solution. The goal is to have a complete web appliance (IoT) assembled in China so the average beekeeper with no IT or engineering skills can take it out of the box and plug and play. We still have a way to go to achieve that goal but thanks to open source and developers around the world we are making progress.

The order form has a place to add a donation. Totally voluntary. I have been astounded at everyone's generosity. I think the donation rate is about 95% which any other not-or-profit would be very envious to have. The suggested amount of $20 was just a number we pulled out of the air. This was before we thought of and designed the interface board.

So, I am using the money to buy boards and parts and send them out for "free". A donation is not required, but greatly appreciated. I find that the folks that don't donate money, donate a LOT of time. Some are starving students (been there, done that), some are retired on fixed incomes (well on my way there).

Do you solder? If not, we can assemble and test the board for you. It's pretty easy and actually a fun build. As soon as we get our ducks in a row we will start including them in the Dev Kit and raise the price about $15 dollars plus whatever the labor costs are to have them assembled and tested.

We are experience growing pains but I am confident we will solve the problems we are having ramping up, figuring out the logistics of shipping world wide, overcoming the language barriers with our Chinese partners, and getting the infrastructure in place to manage and track orders using mostly volunteers while continually developing new software and hardware.

Until we get the accounting/tracking software running. PLEASE be understanding and forgiving, but hold our feet to the fire. I am busy and forgetful. So PLEASE don't be offended if I forget and need reminding. Thanks!

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Maybe I don't understand???

I just want to be sure I understand.

I just placed an order for the kit a couple of days ago. My understanding is that the interface board will ship with the kit. Is this correct?

Haven't done much soldering since my Heathkit days but it's like riding a bike, right? :D

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Interface Board ships separately

No, the Interface Board ships separately. The board design is still evolving and ships from the US. I am sending one to our "partner" in China (an Aliexpress vendor that was sort of chosen at random) that fulfills the orders for the load cells which includes the HX711 board. She is having another vendor assemble it and send it back to us to check their work and make sure they understand how it is to be assembled. If that goes well, we will find a board house in mainland China to make the boards and they will be included in the Dev Kit. The boards are ordered through Accutrace ( in California but are made in Taiwan. The problems are language barriers and not really knowing who I am dealing with. So far, everyone has been honest. (Fingers crossed).

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