Weather Underground API Key?

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Weather Underground API Key?

I just finished downloading and installing the latest version.

In the weather configuration screen, it's asking for an API key - the web link takes me to wunderground api help page... but not really sure what I'm looking for. any helpfull hint at what belongs here?

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API key: Good or Bad?

A Weather Underground API key is used by Ryan's HiveControl code and not Paul's HiveTool code. Several years ago, when I started playing with hive monitors, I used the API key. Several problems:

1. The API limits you to 500 hits a day. This is not an issue with one hive logging every 5 minutes (288 hits a day). But if you use the same API key on another hive, you exceed the 500 hits limit and are shut down.

2. I didn't like the licensing agreement when using the API key.

3. I think the API key is for one location/weather station. When you move the hive and want to use another weather station, or if the weather station rain gauge, anemometer, etc is not working you have to get another API key to change to another wx station.

So, I "found" the XML download. No registration, easy to switch wx stations and no limit on number of downloads. Also was quick and easy to append the wx XML to the hive XML for uploading to (In fact, that is where I got the idea to send the hive data up in XML format.)

Just my 2 cents worth and all of the above may not be correct or may have changed in the last 5 years.

Usage of Weather API

We have two places we can use the WX Underground API, and we have alternatives as well.

For Ambient Weather Readings:
1. The poor man version (ie with one hive) - you can use WX API and pull from the closet weather station.
This is less than ideal, if the weather station is far away from you or the weather conditions differ. But this allows you to get up and running with minimal effort.

2. Or you can use local instruments (though we only support Temp/Humidity/Dew/LUX, as we don't have a rain sensor connected to any friendly hives we can develop for!) -(

3. Or, you can use your own Weather Station (I have 5 hives, and chose to buy one weather station, an Ambient WS1400ip) so I didn't have to worry about shuttling data back and forth between the hive with a rain sensor, or invest in ambient sensors. I also get the benefit of using the Solar readings (ie, LUX) without investing in the time in LUX sensors. - We also get Wind, Pressure readings (though, not sure on the affect to the beehive, but nice to have the data to compare against in the future) - Cons: not a cheap investment $150 for WS. If you have a different weather station you would like us to support, let me know, and I'll add to the list to get supported for you.

For the Weather Forecast Page:
1. Sometimes, I need to plan when i can actually open my hives, so quickly seeing the weather forecast in that yard is helpful. Even if you use a local sensor option, the weather key will pull the current weather and forecast for the "Weather" page. Not terribly important, but nice to have. It only hits your key usage when you load the page.

We no matter the option you use, HiveControl still formats an XML feed from that data to send along to Hivetool, so we are good sharing citizens!

Hope this helps,


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