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Popup Keyboard request

I added a touch screen to my Raspberry pi - could we add a pop up keyboard to the core image?

sudo apt-get install matchbox

I did a few other tries before getting this one to work well. Verify for me, but it installs the matchbox touchscreen keyboard and a keyboard shortcut under accessories menu item

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How good is it and what for?

Hey Nate,

I've been interested in the touch screen, just haven't purchased one yet. How well does it work and look? Does it seem pretty rugged?

Are you planning to include this in a hive? At first I thought we would have no use for it, but in some circumstances, it might be neat to have a display and input device at the hive although, I think smart phone access via Bluetooth or WiFi would be better in most cases. I suspect the price will drop and that will make a built in display even more attractive.

I'd like to see a Bluetooth audio connection with voice recognition/synthesis on the Pi, so I can walk into a yard with my headset and get a status report from the hive before I open it up.

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