Ubuntu support on Windows 10

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Ubuntu support on Windows 10

I'm not sure if this will help us in any way, but there will soon be released a Ubuntu integration on Windows 10. Maybe it could help us with integration with windows applications?

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Ubunto on Windows


I'm curious - Generally what kinds of things are you thinking about where it may be helpful to run Ubuntu on windows?

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Ubuntu on windows

Sorry I have no ideas now, but maybe someone else could take use of this.

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Hivetool on MS Windows increases the userbase.

It appears that Microsoft is embracing linux (or at least the open source applications). I have my suspicions but it is happening. (My cynical theory is that after doing EVERYTHING they could to squash linux they see the writing on the wall. Linux rules the supercomputer market, and the smart phone market. As the open source code gets better and better, linux is making inroads into the desktop. As cloud computing takes off, Microsoft and others have figured out that they can eliminate their development and support costs, charge for cloud access to open source and probably make even more money than fighting a loosing battle.)

IMHO, the advantage to Hivetool running on MS Windows is that it makes it easier for Window users who have no linux experience to get the system going. There is a basic architectural difference between developing for linux and MS Windows. Again, just my opinion but MS tends to use large monolithic code whereas linux uses small tools that can be strung together. MS claimed that Windows Explorer was so deeply hooked into the OS, they couldn't deliver the OS without including it! Versus linux that runs quite nicely and quickly without a desktop manager or even installing Xwindows. BUT not everyone is comfortable with a command line interface.

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Update for Ubuntu for Windows 10

Take a look at this
I know we probably can't use this on Pi, but maybe for someone that would like to run it on a windows computer with USB connections to the devices.

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