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Subscription functionality

Any tips and tricks to subscribing to specific forums and groupings (containters) of forums?

I want to be notified of any change to the general container, but can't see how to subscribe to it.

I generally use the recent

I generally use the recent posts section. Since I'm interested in everything :)

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subscribe to a container

Nate is talking about receiving email notification whenever something is posted.

I don't see where you can subscribe to a container either. You have to drill down to a post (forum, blog, or page) to subscribe.

There may be a better subscription or forum module for Drupal.

Or maybe we need to enhance it.

On the My Account page, there should be a table like when you click on Forums with subscribe check boxes by each forum or container.

Do we want to fix it. live with it or use different software?

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Taxonomy based notifications

Yes, I was looking for the ability to setup a notification based on forum taxonomy - subscribe to a certain level and recieve emails.

I looked around at the Drupal options, and enabled a couple taxonomy options... makes me think the template in place didn't try to do what I'm asking... so this would take a developer to add functionality to this one or switch templates. If I'm the only one looking for this functionality... live with it.

I think I have the rights to upload and change templates, but I don't feel comfortable doing that level of a change. I don't want to blow this thing up.

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