New tables for events, context, annotations

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New tables for events, context, annotations

Steven needs a way to flag data in the Data Warehouse to clean the data.
See "How can we filter out manipulations to the hives"

To make Steven's task easier, a Maintenance Mode has been suggested to flag the data.

In addition we want to:
1. Track events based on context
2. Provide mechanism to store notes, comments, observations and methods/materials used.

Really talking about what meta data we want to capture. I'd like to see us capture

Mite treatments. What and when.
Frame material.

Also have to deal with hives getting moved.

Would also like to track which weather station the weather data came from as it can be changed. Now we only know what the current station is, not if that is the same one that was used last year.

I like to note the state the

I like to note the state the hive is in. How many frames with bees, how many frames with eggs. Have i seen the queen.

could be usefull if someone writes a smartphone app for it

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