Hivetool Development - 2017 and Beyond

Purpose of this
The purpose of this communication is to inform those who may be unfamiliar with the work of our small core group. This is from my perspective. To request input and ideas and gain a consensus in what areas of Hivetool we should focus our resources.
Please feel free post or email with any suggestions, overlooked opportunities or just critique.

my HiveTool with solar power and 3G modem


just wanted to share my build and experience with you all - I set up the tool around mid-June and have been playing around
with it this summer.

I am really amazed of these tools and instructions what you have done here, excellent and great thanks for sharing these !! :)
I am currently using the HiveTool 0.7.3 RC2 and HiveControl 1.8 - waiting eagerly for the newer releases.

Below some pics of the setup.

The Big Picture: Time to start over

We are entering our sixth year of data collection. Originally, there was no plan - everything you see just happened. It's time to take a step back and look at the big picture. Using what we've learned from the last five years, it is time to do a complete redesign focusing on self administration, user features, scalability, analytical tools and data warehousing.

The goal is still to provide an affordable, easy to use, reliable and accurate data collection systems to

Forum Update - Admin anyone?

The forum seems to be working well. (I think it is working GREAT!) Thanks for everyone's patience, interest and support! Progress!

In addition to images, general file uploads have been enabled. You can currently upload up to 5 images and 5 files for each forum topic, comment or blog. The main complaint I have is the text box for the comment is way too small.

New Developer's Forum/Blogs

We just finished setting up a Developer's Forum that is dedicated to technical issues. It is drupal using the core forum, advanced forum, messaging, notifications and views modules. This should include all the features we need and expect from a discussion board: notifications, subscriptions, uploads, views into recent activity. For an account, please email info at this website,

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